What is reported to have originated from the wet markets of Wuhan in China, the Coronavirus pandemic has triggered a global economic crisis in 2020. The consequences of this major outbreak have forced enterprises to make rapid decisions and take immediate actions to safeguard employees and ensure business continuity. Enterprises have started resorting to elastic digital workplaces, streamlined collaboration, and seamless networking to withstand the outbreak. 

Cloud computing, in this case, has emerged as the ultimate game-changing technology that is keeping the business world connected in the midst of  Coronavirus consequences. Because let us not forget that instant communication is the backbone of the corporate sphere during the remote work setup. 

The adoption of Cloud has soared high due to imposed lockdowns, self-isolation and social distancing. Reason? Cloud is the only technology that can hold up such an unprecedented load. Tools for web conferencing and instant messaging have skyrocketed as enterprises are encouraging the employees to work remotely. Zoom reportedly witnessed a 78% increase in revenue over the past year to $188 million and a phenomenal rise in the share price while the share market hit the bedrock. 

As Slack breaks the record with millions of people working from home, it redesigned its app with user-friendly features to assist employees working remotely to communicate faster and better with a user base that swelled to 12.5 million as of March 25, 2020. Thanks to cloud computing for keeping the workflow seamless yet intact during the hardest of times. 

Let’s move on to the most important segment of our blog – how does cloud technology rescue business operations during this downturn? You’re about to find out. Take a look at these three ways in which the cloud can help your business during the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Top 3 Benefits of Using Cloud for Your Business to Deal With COVID-19

#1 Business Continuity.

Cloud-based solutions can help you save a tremendous amount of time, money and resources. As new-age enterprises deal with big data, cloud technology eliminates the storage issues by permitting companies to process, manage, and share data in a highly scalable, secured, and cost-effective manner. Cloud injects automation, transparency and increases productivity in your day-to-day business operations to ensure business continuity even during a pandemic. 

Tip – Boost your operational efficiency, manage unrestrained scalability and ensure business continuity with cloud services

#2 High-Performing Workforce.

Workplaces are evolving at a quick pace as enterprises are adopting elastic digital workplaces. Cloud computing helps enterprises and start-ups embrace new remote work environments that focus on secure networking, seamless integration and superior collaboration to create a powerful virtual environment that aims to meet ever-increasing mobile demands.

Tip – Manage your teams working remotely with cloud computing technology to drive the goal of an elastic digital workplace.

#3 Strong Security Posture. 

Cloud networks deploy sophisticated and powerful security measures to secure the data against potential losses, hijacks, unauthorized access, and vulnerabilities. Cloud-based solutions focus on data management, secured encryption, data inspection & filtration, and strict adherence to compliance to meet your business security goals.

Tip – Empower your ITOps, DevOps, and SecOps teams to maintain end-to-end security to withstand security threats.

Takeaway – Cloud computing technology is the gateway leading to the future!  

Businesses that were using cloud technology before the pandemic are in an advantageous position today. And, businesses that haven’t tapped the potential of cloud have begun to realize how important cloud computing is. COVID-19 triggered digital transformation among the companies that are still longing on legacy IT infrastructure. As cloud infrastructure and data centers are meant to tackle substantial load during unusual situations, Cloud has emerged as a knight for enterprises struggling to stay afloat during the time of the pandemic.

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