Enterprise Data Security1

Business Value

Zymr built an executive dashboard CloudTech app for iPad, which provided 360-degree visibility for securing enterprise data to CSO/CTOs.

Solution Map

  • Verticals

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  • Domains

    • Applications

    • Security

    • Infrastructure

    • Orchestration

    • Mobility

    • Analytics/AI

  • Practices

    • Development

    • Cloud Operations

    • Quality Engineering

    • Continuous Integration

    • Continuous Delivery

    • UX / UI

System Architecture

Enterprise Data Security dashboard

Software Implementation

The customer leveraged Zymr’s SantaFe cloud middleware framework to reduce time to market and development risk. This provided a solid extensible framework with common cloud platform services.
Zymr developed core services using Java.
Zymr developed a comprehensive PostgreSQL reporting database.
Zymr prototyped some big-data analytics of security incidents using Amazon Elastic MapReduce. Advanced analytics is planned for next phase.
Zymr provided comprehensive UX design services for iPad and iPhone native mobile apps.
Zymr developed iPad and iPhone native apps, leveraged a few publicly available controls, and developed other custom controls.
Zymr developed a Jenkins and Maven based CI process. Used Git for software repository.
Zymr provided extensive QE and end-to-end testing services. QE Automation is planned for the next phase of this engagement.
Zymr provided comprehensive services that included the ability to deploy on Amazon AWS with secure VPC and site-to-site IPSec VPN, data encryption and cloud monitoring services.


Zymr developed an enterprise mobility reporting system, with dashboard iOS apps on iPad and iPhone, that connected securely with the existing enterprise data security system manager to extract relevant metrics. Utilizing ETL processes to gather vital data, the Zymr team delivered apps that provided an executive dashboard and reporting capabilities, and an operational interface to handle incidents.

Implementation ToolBox

  • Frontend
    • iOS1 iOS
    • zios Zymr ZiOS
  • Backend
    • ZYMR java Services Java
    • postgresql2 PostgreSQL
    • SanteFe-new SantaFe
  • Resource
    • centos1 Logo 12 CentOS
    • postgresql2 PostgreSQL
    • c-language C Language
  • Process
    • rally1 Logo Rally
    • balsamiq-new Balsamiq
    • amazon-aws1 Amazon AWS
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