Agile Cloud Delivery Automation 1

Business Value

Zymr developed a robust continuous test automation framework to accelerate the development of carrier-grade Wi-Fi Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) CloudTech platform.

Solution Map

  • Verticals

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  • Domains

    • Applications

    • Security

    • Infrastructure

    • Orchestration

    • Mobility

    • Analytics/AI

  • Practices

    • Development

    • Cloud Operations

    • Quality Engineering

    • Continuous Integration

    • Continuous Delivery

    • UX / UI

System Architecture

Accelera architecture diagram

Software Implementation

Zymr developed Jenkins and Gradle based CI automation which leveraged GitFlow source-code and branching protocol. Zymr used Jenkins as a master QE automation test controller.
Jira & Zephyr for Test Management: Zymr integrated Zephyr with Jira to provide test execution pass/fail coverage reports that can be viewed in Jira.
Selenium Webdriver for UI Automation: Zymr developed Web UI automation scripts using Selenium.

Python based QE Automation: Zymr developed a QE Automation framework using Python, Selenium and Jenkins. Manual or cron triggered QE Jenkins jobs automatically build target systems from Git, deploy virtual test beds on Amazon AWS (or private cloud), initialize network resources for test execution and run extensive automated test suites.
Zymr developed test reporting server which compiles test results into a drill-down report that can be pushed in PDF format, and also saved for further analysis.
Puppet/Python for DevOps Automation: Zymr developed various python and Puppet based scripts to deploy various types of builds to Dev, QE, Staging and Production VM clusters on Amazon AWS.
Admin Web UI Testing: Automated testing of web console with various Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

AP Enrollment Mobile Apps Testing: Automated testing of lightweight iOS and Android apps that allow end-customers to enroll new Wi-Fi Access Points as well as push notifications.

REST API Testing: Automated testing of REST APIs between the UI tier and the Cloud server tier.

DB Testing: Automated testing of MongoDB data consistency and scalability. AP Testing: Automated testing of Wi-Fi Access Point functionality using its CLIs.
BAT: Developed a flexible Build Acceptance Test suites

REGRESSION: Developed comprehensive regression test suite that verified the core features of SUT end-to-end.

UI TESTS: Developed various UI driven test suites, validating it in supported bowsers and with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

EPIC: Developed test suites that test epic features.

DATA INTEGRITY: Developed test suites to test integrity of data reported by the network and analyzed by the system.

SCALABILITY: Developed test suites that would scale the testing and measure performance of the system.

AVAILABILITY: Developed resiliency test suites that would disable part of the cloud servers to make sure the redundancy is working properly.
The following describes the general structure of test automation script:

Initialization: Ability to set a test environment using a meta-data specification, including MongoDB initialization.

Resource Reservation: Ability to reserve the requisite network resources for tests.

Tear-Down: Ability to clean up the test environment programmatically. In addition to the core structure of test suites, there were numerous python utilities to support the test execution, devops and reporting functions.

Cloud DevOps: Initialize the cloud VMs (Amazon AWS or private cloud) using Puppet and Python scripts.

Report: Ability to aggregate logs and then push the log messages (like system-logs, console out) to report server.

Common Utilities: Several utility functions that were common for executing various test cases were carefully factored in an utility library.


Zymr developed a Robot-based QE Automation framework that helps orchestrate complex test automaton for mobile apps and WebUI. Zymr automated 1000+ mobile test cases with 80% test coverage in a short time. Additionally, Zymr automated nightly regression and various other test jobs.

Implementation ToolBox

  • Frontend
    • angular-js1 Angular.js
    • Node-javascript 1 Node.js
    • bootstrap-js1 Bootstrap.js
    • iOS1 iOS
    • android1 Android
  • Backend
    • python2 quartz
    • rabbitmq1 RabbitMQ
    • celery1 Celery
    • mongodb1 MongoDB
    • xmpp1 XMPP
  • Resource
    • openwrt1 OpenWRT
    • Atheros 1 Atheros
    • wifidog WiFiDog
    • Device openflow sdn openflow-sdn
  • Process
    • jira1 Jira
    • jenkins1 Jenkins
    • amazon-aws1 Amazon AWS
    • chef1 Chef
    • selenium1 Selenium
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