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Augmented analytics uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve human intuition in the analytics lifecycle covering every aspect from data creation to insights sharing. The integration of data science makes analytics more accessible, generates essential value, and provides better insights. Experience more enhanced and detail-oriented results with AI technologies that are constantly working in the backdrop. Unlock the incredible value of data with modern solutions that are democratized, powered by easy-to-use analytics tools to help you make the right decision. Zymr can guide you through the end-to-end data assimilation and preparation, analysis and insights, visualize findings, and information distribution. We are the business partner you need to assist you to demystify your data to get valuable inferences that can help you thrive. We are a cloud-native Agile development company with a broad range of analytics tools that can transform your business with smart decision making. Our cutting-edge solutions can manage disparate sources like in-house databases, cloud storage, APIs, and CSVs. We help you use Augmented Analytics as a productivity tool and an immersive system to reach your business goals.

Our Services

  • Data Strategy

    Revolutionize your business into new markets, and expand your growth with our data strategy services. Capitalize on our expertise and years of experience to develop a solid data strategy that can work on your data to bring the most valuable insights yet for your business.

  • Data Integration

    Expertise on deep integration among discrete and siloed data sources to give you the power to view it seamlessly across multiple platforms. On-premise, on-cloud, on-device, on-edge; no matter where your data is, our expertise is to have you seamlessly access it whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Data Cognition

    Unleash the power of AI and ML to understand what’s happening inside the huge datasets, quickly and efficiently. Our specialized data science team will help build some of the most powerful engines and models that can condense immense amounts of data (terabytes) into lightweight models (megabytes) for quick and easy analysis, thereby saving tons of storage space and time.

  • Cognitive Analytics

    Analytics-as-a-service is the forte of our data science teams. Design, measure, and enhance any metric that is crucial including customer engagement, productivity, and efficiency improvement, and business growth thereby automate your insight generation through advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Why Zymr?

  • The one-stop destination for all your analytics product needs that ensures you get a true business value that you deserve.
  • Always-on services with data literacy competencies and a powerful portfolio of data-focused tools and technologies.
  • Detailed forecasting, data mining, and rich text analysis to make your business data-driven and future-focused.
  • Data integration and analytics platform with a modern and future-gen approach to democratizing Business Intelligence.
  • A team of technical wizards who have experience and expertise to make remarkable inferences out of raw data.
  • Experience robust data preparation and visualization that assures high productivity when Data Science is coupled with AI and Algorithms replacing manual processes can effectively highlight associations among data sources.

Our Success Stories

cisco USA

Our Success Stories

Cisco Unified Datacenter Management
Zymr built a comprehensive datacenter energy management system focused on Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) metric by gathering real-time energy usage from compute, network, storage and energy systems of a datacenter.

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