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Our augmented analytics solutions can accelerate your business value. Get faster access to insights derived from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

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Augmented Analytics Services
Our Augmented Analytics Services
Augmented Analytics Data Strategy

We revolutionize your business into new markets and expand your growth with our domain-specific roadmap and enterprise-grade data strategy services. Capitalize on our expertise and years of experience to develop a strategy to work on your data to bring the most valuable insights yet for your business.

  • Big data and data management.
  • Cloud infrastructure.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Machine learning model.
Augmented Analytics Data Integration

We have expertise in deep integration among discrete and siloed data sources to give you the power to view it seamlessly across multiple platforms. On-premise, on-cloud, on-device, on-edge; no matter where your data is, our expertise is to have you seamlessly access it whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Serverless.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Business intelligence.
  • ETL mapping.

We unleash the power of AI and ML to understand what’s happening inside the huge datasets. Our teams build some of the most powerful engines and models that can condense immense amounts of data (terabytes) into lightweight models (megabytes) for quick analysis to save tons of storage space and time.

  • Big data.
  • Data science.
  • Intelligent wireless networks.
  • Data repository.

We design, measure, and enhance any crucial metric, including customer engagement, productivity, efficiency improvement, and business growth, thereby automating your insight generation through advanced AI and ML algorithms. Analytics-as-a-service is the forte of our data science teams.

  • Analytics-as-a-service.
  • Data analytics.
  • Deep learning.
  • Cognitive apps.

Why Zymr

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Zymr is a leading Augmented Analytics company that embeds AI in ML and NLP into traditional analytics. We are a one-stop destination for all your analytics product needs as we enhance your results and ensure that you get the true business value you deserve.

Strategic Approach

We provide always-on services with data literacy competencies and a robust portfolio of data-focused tools and technologies. ML and AI assist with data preparation, insight generation, and insight explanation to augment how humans analyze data in analytics and BI platforms.

Domain Expertise

We help you experience robust data preparation and visualization that assures high productivity. Data science coupled with AI and Algorithms replaces manual processes and highlights associations among data sources. We automate the aspects of data science, ML, and AI models.

Forward Thinking

We focus on data integration and analytics platforms with a modern and future-gen approach to democratizing business intelligence. Our teams deploy augmented analytics to democratize the use of data to make decisions based on data and drive your data-driven decisions.

Qualified Professionals

We have a team of technical wizards who make remarkable inferences out of raw data. Our focus is on forecasting, data mining, and rich text analysis to make your business future-focused. Solve data challenges with AI and ML to augment human intelligence.

Case Studies

Our Successes

AIOperations (AIOps) Automation for Data Centers

Zymr helped FixStream release its first-gen cutting-edge data center operations analytics suite, discover multi-vendor IT networking, compute and storage tiers, and visualize relationships between apps and IT infrastructure.

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