SANTA CLARA, September 15th, 2015 — Middleware framework SantaFe™, developed by Silicon Valley-based product engineering services company, Zymr Inc., enabled the development of a Policy Based Management Solution for modern datacenters which unify management of compute, network, storage, hypervisors, OS, and application workloads.

Zymr was mandated to help build a unified FCAPS capable management framework based on the Enterprise Service Bus with support for responsive Web UI using HTML, JavaScript, and GWT integrated with REST/SOAP APIs from VMware’s vCenter.

Zymr implemented the Datacenter Manager by integrating the SantaFe™ Enterprise Edition cloud middleware framework, and developed additional ESB services, CMDB database and vendor-specific protocol connectors:

  • CMDB Ontology: Developed common management ontology using DMTF CIM model and other DMTF profiles.
  • Discovery: Enabled auto-discovery of datacenter IT and non-IT resources including some specific third-party resources like VMware ESX VMs.
  • Policy Management: Developed a comprehensive policy engine with support for workflows and ability for end-users to design their own policies and triggers for orchestration.
  • RBAC: Developed RBAC support to segregate visibility and management of resources between network, server, storage and facilities administrators.
  • Logging: Supported comprehensive fault, system and audit logging.

“SantaFe allowed Zymr to build a complex Data Center Solution in record time with a significantly smaller team size than would have been required otherwise”, said Haresh Kumbhani, Chief Executive Officer, Zymr, Inc.. “We will continue to leverage our Technology Accelerators for demanding customers that require the development of sophisticated cloud solutions. Our accelerators help customers significantly reduce time-to-market and deliver heightened scalability while remaining cost-effective.”, added Kumbhani.

About Zymr

Zymr is a full-stack cloud software development company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Infused with a breadth of experience developing solutions for cutting-edge technology businesses, Zymr enables the accelerated development of highly specialized and scalable, modern cloud architectures.

About Zymr SantaFe

Zymr SantaFe cloud server framework is a prebuilt middleware solution for cloud-aware application servers. SantaFe features a high degree of modularity wrapped around a conceptually lightweight software bus and a loosely-coupled message-passing programming paradigm. Zymr SantaFe has been deployed by disruptive technology businesses around the world that sought a solid foundation on which to architect scalable cloud solutions.

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