4 Tips To Mitigate The Test Automation Risks

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4 Tips To Mitigate The Test Automation Risks

As a QA automation services company, we are aware that there is a myriad of risks that QA professionals need to identify, analyze, and mitigate to get the desired results in their testing efforts. The most common test automation risks with which they tend to struggle are less ROI, underestimation of time, cost, or effort needed to introduce a tool, inability to recognize the need for manual testing, limited area of automated tests, the inadequacy of testing tools, budget discrepancies, maintainability of test scripts, over-dependence on automation, untested test code, lack of skilled resources, etc.

Mitigating these risks is paramount to building brilliant quality products and meeting the stakeholders’ expectations. In this blog, we will discuss a list of tips that can help you navigate through the risks of test automation, 

  • Eliminate ambiguity from your test objectives 

For every automated test, you have to have an in-depth understanding of what you wish to achieve and what measures you would want to take once you get the desired results. You need to develop a well-defined structured plan, set SMART Goals for QA testing, know the client expectations, adhere to industry standards, use multi-directional testing method, conduct external QA audits, document the entire QA testing process, etc. The clarity in goals can streamline the testing process, ensure the project follows the schedule and make sure that the relevant stakeholders have a full understanding of what they wish to achieve. 

  • Maintain a fine balance between manual testing and automated testing

It is time to debunk this myth that automation can fully replace manual testing. ts. There is a multitude of tests that need to be performed manually. Manual testing tackles complex test cases, whereas automated testing manages easier and more repetitive tests. As a matter of fact, automated testing makes your manual testing even more efficient. Therefore, try not to swap manual testing with automation testing in fact there is a list of tests that need to be performed exclusively manually.

  • Ensure app stability before you run automated tests

You need to make sure that the app is stable before you begin to run the automated tests. There are higher chances of getting inadequate test results if you don’t focus on app stability. A bunch of factors that impact the behavior of an app under test are – the performance of the test environment and hardware, test network, proxy configurations, web server or test app speed, etc. Good memory management, swift error handling, and better software development process and network management can help you ensure your app’s stability. 

  • Choose the right automated testing tools and frameworks

To decide on tools and frameworks for automating the project, you have to curate a list of features and automation requirements, analyze the scope as well as the size of the project, identify the app platform, consider programming languages and frameworks, evaluate budgets, research and compare existing tools, create your shortlist, and develop a Proof of Concept (POC). You need to make sure that the tools and frameworks are suitable – for your automation needs, to help you get test feedback and fix bugs in a robust manner, gather test results in one single place, and create clear reports that are accessible to all the relevant stakeholders.


As you have seen above, test automation risks, if not managed well, can bring your QA efforts down. It is important for you to identify, analyze, and manage them effectively while ensuring that your team members keep abreast of the newest changes. A reliable QA partner can help you get an edge in the market to bring your product to market faster without compromising on quality. If you wish to speak to our experts, please get in touch with us. We are just a click away.

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