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  • zymr-what-is-amazon-aws-lambda-services-and-when-should-you-use-it
    Authored byJay K.on Nov 17, 2016 in Topic Technology
    What Is Amazon AWS Lambda Services and When Should You Use It?

      The AWS Lambda service is part of the overall application hosting platform that makes up the full Amazon Web Services product offering. Where AWS Lambda differs from other services within the AWS infrastructure, is in that it is an on-demand style service. Application functions that operate under the AWS Lambda service will only be […]

  • zymr-using-sbt-load-external-scala-frameworks-in-scala-command-line-interpreter
    Authored byNikunj Pon Nov 15, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Using SBT to Load External Scala Frameworks in the Scala Command Line Interpreter (REPL)

    How do you use external Scala frameworks or Java jar files in the Scala Command Line Interpreter (REPL, aka read–eval–print loop)? You use SBT. SBT is the Scala Interactive Build tool. You can use it to build Scala or Java projects and run a complex series of tasks. It does the same thing as Maven. […]

  • zymr-updates-on-angular-2
    Authored byHarsh R.on Nov 10, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Updates on Angular 2.0

    Angular 2 is the latest iteration of the amazingly successful application development framework that has been developed by Google. Angular 2 provides everything that is needed to develop complex web based and mobile applications. This includes data management, HTTP services and form handling. So what is new in Angular 2? Why has this update got […]

  • zymer-how-use-sql-with-apache-spark-scala
    Authored byNikunj Pon Nov 07, 2016 in Topic Technology
    How to use SQL with Apache Spark and Scala

    Here we show how to use SQL with Apache Spark and Scala. We also show the Databricks CSV-to-data-frame converter. This tutorial is designed to be easy to understand. As you probably know, most of the explanations given at StackOverflow are complicated. The writers often write about items not directly related to the question posed and […]

  • zymr-more-on-scala-functions
    Authored byYogesh Kon Nov 04, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Scala Partially Applied, Partially Defined, Anonymous, and Curried Functions

    Here we are going to take a look at Scala Partially Applied, Partially Defined, Anonymous, and Curried Functions. Twitter wrote much of its website in Scala. They have written this style guide and reference material that is recommended to study. Partially Applied Functions Do not confused Partially Applied Functions with Partially Define Functions (defined below). […]

  • zymr-introduction-to-the-spark-graphx-api
    Authored byYogesh Kon Nov 01, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Introduction to the Spark GraphX API

    The Spark GraphX API is a graph processing API built on top Apache Spark. Since it is built on top of Spark, it is built to process graphs across a distributed architecture. “Graphs” here mean graphs from graph theory as opposed to graphs like those used to show profit growth. Graphs in the mathematical sense […]

  • zymr-how-to-customize-kibana-dashboards
    Authored byAnnie I.on Oct 31, 2016 in Topic Technology
    How to Customize Kibana Dashboards

    Kibana is a purely JavaScript-based tool developed to create nice graphs based on logs sent to ElasticSearch by LogStash. It makes use of the excellent facetted queries as provided by ElasticSearch to create tables, histograms, pie charts and maps with geo points. A Kibana dashboard is just a JSON document. There are two major mechanisms […]

  • zymr-introduction-to-scala
    Authored byWalker R.on Oct 30, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Introduction to Scala

    Scala is a programming language that is growing in popularity.  It is considered both compact and elegant. Plus it supports functional programming, which is basically a means of writing code as mathematical functions, which is often a more natural way of writing code. In other words, it lets you string together doing multiple things all […]

  • zymr-best-practices-for-rest-api-design
    Authored byAli R.on Oct 29, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Best Practices for REST API Design

      API development is now a cornerstone of modern, web-enabled applications. In the past, API calls were often quite rare, and most usually done using third-party API such as those for checking bank account numbers or looking up postal addresses using a zip code. This was a simple situation. Unfortunately, with the ever growing complexity […]

  • zymr-trends-on-serverless-computing
    Authored byJulia S.on Oct 28, 2016 in Topic Technology
    Trends on Serverless Computing

    In 2016, serverless computing is really taking off. As we move to different models of production, distribution, and management when it comes to applications, it only makes sense that abstracting out the behind the scenes processes should be handled by third parties, in a move towards further decentralization. And that’s exactly what serverless computing does […]


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